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It is a Gritzner, made in Durlach, Germany, which I’m sure in it’s prime was a beautiful machine. Back in February of this year, I bumped into a friend who had been out walking her dog. She told me about a machine that she had seen in a back alley not far away. This is that machine a couple of hours later! Machine Specifications I haven’t actually been able to find out much about this machine. The internet isn’t helping me much on this one. Gritzner had quite a number of ownership changes over the years, with it’s final owners being Pfaff. Even if I could make out the serial number I’ve had a good guess at it, but it’s really hard to read, and you can’t make out anything in the photo , I have’t been able to find any info regarding Gritzner serial numbers. Gritzner machines were made in the town of Durlach, Germany. By the look of it, this machine has very similar specs to my Singer Model

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Ten years later it was known as White Sewing Machine Co. Under the control of White’s sons, ROLLIN , Windsor, and Walter, the company diversified, making automatic lathes, screw machines, roller skates, bicycles, kerosene lamps, and White cars and trucks by White discounted the popularity of cars, his sons thought otherwise and organized the White Motor Car Co.

White Sewing Machine again concentrated on its original product. In , White contracted with Sears to supply its private label machines, a move which assured a steady business.

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History[ edit ] William Jones started making sewing machines in and in formed a partnership with Thomas Chadwick. Their machines used designs from Howe and Wilson produced under licence. William Jones opened a factory in Guide Bridge , Manchester in Ltd and was later acquired by Brother Industries of Japan, in The Jones patent for his popular Serpent Neck model appeared in These were manufactured until The CS Family model was produced for many years.

One version of it has “As Supplied to Her Majesty Queen Alexandra” written along the shoulder and like many Jones machines displayed very ornamental decoration ensuring that many are still kept in good condition as decorative items. You can find Jones machines and advertising with reference to her as “Princess Alexandra” and “Queen Alexandra” and there is a reliable account that while at technical school she did use a Jones machine.

Jones was happy to make machines under different names when ordering over machines unlike Singer which would only produce machines with their name on.

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History[ edit ] Early functional quilting[ edit ] The word “quilt” comes from the Latin culcita meaning a stuffed sack but it came into the English language from the French word cuilte. In archaeologists discovered a quilted floor covering in Mongolia. They estimated its date as between BC to AD. Chinese patchwork continues as a folk art. There are numerous references to quilts in literature and inventories of estates. Crusaders brought quilted objects from the Middle East to Europe in the late 11th century.

Sewing Machines Wanted ; White Family Rotary FR Sewing Machine parts. These parts are used. We will usually have only a quantity of 1 per part, unless otherwise noted. Refer to each part for more information. White Family (FR) Rotary Sewing Machine Stitch Length Plate1 This came off a FR machine. Needs a cleaning. Some rust.

Vintage Sewing Machines A large number of people have discovered the benefits of older sewing machines. Whether it’s because they are simple enough to maintain and repair with common handtools, or strong enough to sew thicker fabrics without hesitation, or just because they are plentiful, cheap, and fun to collect. This site is dedicated to passing on information to make your experience more enjoyable.

II, Japan, with money from the United States, manufactured a large number of sewing machines. The most common of these were based on the Singer Model 15 but there are also Singer 99 clones. Indeed many of these machines are practically indistinguishable from a Singer and use parts that are interchangeable.

Often they were given American sounding names to appeal to the overseas market. Over different “brands” have been identified, manufactured by 15 or so companies. Unfortunately, records from these manufactures don’t exist, so it is impossible to identify them further. Generally speaking, a machine will, somewhere, state “made in Japan” or have “JA- ” stamped into the bottom of the machine.

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Home Model 15 Serial No. J This Model 15 machine has the Sphinx decals and dates to Surprisingly for this date the coffin lid has the hasp type catch without a lock and the accessory compartment is in the lid, Singer 12 style. Note the low set bobbin winder. Model 66 Oscillating Hook The Model 66 was introduced in with production continuing to the ‘s.

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This Singer Model 66 treadle machine first saw the light of day in The fact that after years she still sews perfect seams is a testament that back then things were made to last. Using a treadle machine isn’t as easy as it appears. It takes time to learn the proper rhythm to keep the machine rotating in the proper direction. She uses a bobbin and case similar to modern machines but like Anny May they feed in from the end.

We haven’t yet been able to find out much about her. Her decals are in very good condition and better still, she still sews a tight lock stitch. While she can be used in a hand crank mode, she’s actually designed for use on a treadle. One curiosity is that her main drive wheel rotates in the opposite direction of all other machines. A remarkable survivor that came with Lizzy May is her original manual, printed in

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Pictures and description coming soon Singer K This machine, which dates from , was on its deathbed when Rudolf came to the rescue. Inhabited by cockroaches and redback spiders, it suffered exposure on a verandah for who knows how many years. Covered in dirt and grime and seized up with rust, it was in a terrible state. Seemingly a lost cause, there lay untold beauty beneath the surface.

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Sewing Machine Company White Peerless: Thomas Howard White started producing chain stitch machines in in Templeton, Massachusetts. The firm was incorporated as the White Sewing Machine Co. Ltd located at 14 Golden Lane, London. The White Sewing Machine Co. This White Peerless dates to around and has eight U. Patent dates listed on the rear slide plate, the first being Mar 5 the last Nov 26

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Common Rules Concerning Socks 1. Your socks should match one another and not have holes or visible stains Now some of you are thinking this is incredibly obvious; however, I mention this rule for those of you who fail to see the problem here. Assuming you keep your shoes on and never expose your torn and mismatched socks, there very well may not be an issue. Side Note — it was an embarrassing situation with torn socks at a Japanese Tea house that led entrepreneur Samy Liechti to form the company Black Socks.

Antique Sewing Machines for Sale | Value Price Guide. K likes. Photo: Antique Singer Sewing Machine was taken by Le Petit Poulailler.

Sometimes, my husband and I will waste hours randomly searching together and learning about new things. And the harder it is to find information about something, the more I need to know. And if you have any further information to add about Wizard sewing machines, please leave a comment! I managed to find the lady I believe owned Gandalf before me because my sewing machine came with an old maintenance receipt. So a search for an obituary online produced one that seemed to line up with name, location, and date of death.

Thank you, Linda, for taking good care of your machine! Wizard brand was a line of tools made by Western Auto which included sewing machines.

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I oiled it up and was running it in and it was humming along perfectly – no rattles, squeaks, or clicks. Not only did the needle break, the straight stitch needle plate also broke. Thinking that the uses the same needle plate as many other slant needle Singers, I grabbed one from another machine sitting nearby. My first thought was that a piece of the broken needle was somewhere down around the hook but close inspection dispelled that idea.

While looking for the needle fragment, I realized that the clicking sound was not present when the needle plate was removed. Reinstalling the needle plate brought back the clicking sound.

Suitable for brother janome elna bernina singer bernina kenmore babylock white and many other sewing machines. Highmoor sewing machine bobbin case for brother Buy now. Top trend. Price: $ Free dating ad. US $ Sanbest class 15 prewound bobbin Find more Ads in others countries.

Archaeologists have discovered bone needles with eyes, used to sew together skins and furs, dating back to this time. The earliest known sewing needles made of iron come from the Celtic hill fort at Manching, Germany, and date to the third century BC. The tomb of a minor official of the Han Dynasty BC-AD has been reported by Chinese archaeologists as containing a sewing set complete with thimble. This would be the oldest known example of a thimble, which originated as a device to help push crude needles through resistant materials such as animal skins.

It was over years later in , that the first workable sewing machine was invented and patented by the British inventor Thomas Saint. Earlier, in , Karl Weisenthal, a German inventor, devised the first sewing macine needle, but did not produce a complete machine. Saint’s machine, which was designed to sew leather and canvas, mainly on boots, used only a single thread and formed a chain stitch.

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Sewing Machine Consignment Sales We are active, knowledgeable, experienced, and specialized dealers in both rare and historically important American patented sewing machines and child size or toy sewing machines alkso known as TSM’s. Full size early Patented Sewing Machines have their own page on this site.

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Dating a White Rotary w/ crinkle finish (esewing) submitted 11 months ago by numnum30 I picked up a near functional white rotary machine that has the decorations cast into the body and the black crinkle finish.

The Singer “Featherweight” is the most popular sewing machine ever made that is still being widely used! If you have ever sewn on one you will understand why! As the demand for these machines has grown, so too has the information about the history of the machines that the Singer Sewing Machine Co. Books have been published on these sewing machines they are so popular. The difference between the ‘s and the ‘s is the “Freearm” feature of the ‘s, which allows a portion of the flat surface to be removed leaving a tubular bed that allows for sewing around pant legs, sleeves, and other circular or limited access areas.

Freearm Featherweights typically sell for two to three times more than a typical Featherweight sewing machine. Featherweights came in 3 basic colors with several variations Black, White, and Tan. Most black models have a shiny finish, however there was also a black matte or crinkle finish model produced for a short period of time during WWII, shown on the right, and it is very collectible and commands a premium price.

White models range in color from creamy white to ivory to “celery” or a pale green-white. Tan models range from creamy beige to light brown. White and tan models tend to fluctuate in popularity so prices can be up and down, but typically they bring similar prices to comparable condition black Featherweights. Featherweights were never produced in red, blue, purple, raspberry or anything similar.

Nor were they ever produced with floral decals or polka dots.

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